Wildest Dreams – Kristen Ashley

So much could be said about Kristen Ashley.  She is a long time favorite author of mine and her books are one author I am guaranteed to pick up and at least give a chance and more often than not end up loving.  I have read all of her contemporary romance books and was unsure if I wanted to delve into the fantasy land she created simply because it had been so long since I had read any fantasy novels. Five to ten years ago that would have been all I read.  That being said I’m really glad I picked up Wildest Dreams and it has quickly become a favorite book.

Wildest Dreams is the first book in Kristen Ashley’s Fantastical series.  The book works based on the premise that there is an alternate universe and that everyone in this world has a twin in that world. (Well almost everyone.)  While you have a twin on the other side there is nothing to say that twin is like you in any way other than appearance.  Someone shy and reserved in this world may be vivacious and outgoing in the other world.  Through magic it is possible to go to the other world but the catch is you have to trade places with them.  You cannot both be in the same world.

In this book our heroine Seoafin “Finnie” Wilde is from our world and has suffered through the loss of her parents.  Shes a bit of a thrill seeker and fully believes in living everyday to the fullest.  She finds out about the other world and through her witch friend Valentine finds out that her parents still exist in the other world.  She also finds that her twin Sjofn (pronounced like Seoafin) is more than happy to change places with her.  At the agreed upon date and time Sjofn and Seoafin trade places (for the next year) and while Sjofn is coming to a world where she can do and be who she wants (and has the money to do so thanks to Seoafin), our heroine finds herself five minutes away from being married.  Not only is she getting married but she’s getting married to a man who clearly dislikes her and in fact abandons her on their wedding night stating he’d ‘be back in a month or two’.

Abandoned in a run down cabin that hasn’t seen a broom in months, or maybe even years Seoafin can either give in to her situation or make the best of it and since she’s a Kristen Ashley heroine we all know the choice she makes.  By the time her ‘husband’ returns she’s got the cabin cleaned and sparkling, has made friends in the nearby town, and is surviving just fine on her own.  What she is not doing is acting the way Frey (her husband) is expecting her to act.

It is soon discovered the Frey has ties to both fairies and dragons in this world and is a force to be reckoned with.  With the help from the fairies Frey makes some misguided (but sweet in the end) decisions that ultimately mean there is no going home for Seoafin.

Through twists and turns of fate Frey and Finnie find their way in the magical world they are living in and fall in love as all good heroes and heroines should and in true Kristen Ashley fashion she makes your heart stop for a few chapters.  I’m not going to lie I really was unsure if she was going to fix the havoc she created in this book.

As with every Kristen Ashley book they get their HEA and you get a glimpse at the people who are the focus of the other books in this series.

In short if you are looking for a book to help you escape to a world where magic still exists, the good guys are also slightly bad, and you want to believe that happily ever after still exists then this is a great read.

If you are looking for your Kristen Ashley fix and aren’t sure about reading the fantasy side of her writing I encourage you to do so.

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