Meghan March – Real Dirty Duet Series

I stumbled upon Meghan March as an author simply by chance and I am sooo glad I did.  She has several series out there and the first series of hers I read was The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy and it was….whew, lets just say it was. 😉

While the series that I have read of hers all twine together much like Kristen Ashley’s books you definitely do not have to ready the Billionaire Trilogy to read the Dirty Duet series.  Does it lend to the story?  Absolutely!  Is it a requirement? Not really.  I can guarantee though that if you love one of hers you will love them all and you’ll regret not starting with the Dirty Billionaires.

The Real Dirty Duet series focuses on country music star (and resident bad boy) Boone Thrasher.  I was so happy to find out that Boone was getting his own series.  He is a friend of the leading lady in the Billionaire Trilogy and was one of those characters that as I read the story I thought to myself that he needed his own story.

I will freely admit that I am a bad boy addict (except in real life in all honesty) and the more tatted and pierced the better.  If you add in the fact that the man can sing and play guitar then I’m a complete goner.

Boone’s story begins on the night where he was intending to propose to his long time (and really annoying) girl friend but she doesn’t show. Oh darn. (Insert extreme sarcasm here)  He goes out drinking with his buddy to drown his sorrows in true country music star fashion thinking he will just have to find another time and place to ask her.  They end up at a hole in the wall bar called The Fishbowl where he meets the stunning Ripley.

While Boone may be country musics bad boy he is, if nothing else, faithful to a fault so while Ripley may draw him in it’s a line he wont cross.  Except nothing is going as planned and when that line no longer exists Boone wants nothing more to win Ripley’s heart. There’s just one small little problem.

Ripley has sworn she will never date anyone in the spotlight and especially not country music stars so while she may have fun with Boone she is adamant that it can and will go nowhere.

While there are certainly external elements that bring this story to life it is the struggle that Ripley has and Boone’s fight to win her that really drive this series and make it so good to read.  Even though Ripley’s fears may be an unlikely scenario for most of us the way Meghan March writes it feels much closer to home when she runs up against her worst nightmare.

This two book series was phenomenal and the only problem I truly had with it was that it was just two books!

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